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Aaaand, here´s part 2 of Lena Hoscheks fashion show for spring/summer 2013.

I also got the brand new lookbook for the upcoming fall/winter season… and I can´t wait to show it to you!


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Hach, vergangenen Mittwoch war es wieder soweit: Lena Hoschek präsentierte auf der Berlin Fashion Week ihre Kollektion für Frühling/Sommer 2013. Diesmal waren ihre Designs inspiriert vom mexikanischen „Fest der Toten“.

Part 2 kommt morgen!!

Meinen ganzen Kollektionsbericht könnt Ihr hier lesen.

english version:

Last Wednesday, Lena Hoschek presented her spring/summer collection für 2013 at Berlin Fashion Week. This time, her designs were inspired by the Mexican „Festival of the Dead“. I loved it!!!

Part 2 coming up tomorrow:)

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Sitting second row at the Lena Hoschek Show at Berlin Fashion Week felt like there´s nothing more I could wish for. Again the collection left me totally suprised, inspired and blown away.

The Fall/Winter collection for 2012 was strongly influenced by the charmes and the extremes of the late 30s and early 40s. Light and delicate fabrics like transparent lace and silk met heavy knitted cardigans, tweet and masculine trenchcoats. Floating, shimmering dresses crushed on stiff jackets with big shoulders, inspired by the fashion during WWII.

And THEN there was this beautiful styling: The models wore pin curls, flirty baretts and very dark lipstick, which all gave them a dolly but still elegant look.

As usual, the Lena Hoschek show was the perfect time travel! I enjoyed it so much and already start saving money to get me some of the beautiful designs!

my favourite look I guess!

last look : The bride

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After I spent the holidays eating, eating and eating, I´m starting to bother about my outfit for New Years Eve….:D It´s this one. It´s from Hell Bunny and I really like it. But it´s fitting really tight…no stretch, no place for extra Christmas-belly…

Now that I´m somehow still in a strange dreamy Christmas mood, I´m thinking of buying this „Joy“ dress fron Lena Hoschek as an alternative… Like all Lena Hoschek creations it´s very elegant and charming. AND I think it´s a little bit more stretchy at the belly-area:D Of course I can´t afford it, but hey, it´s for New Years Eve (if it comes quick enough) and you get 30% off right now:) And if it comes too late I still can wear it at Fashion Week…

What do you think?

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Right now I used to be at the Berlin Lena Hoschek store, celebrating it´s first birthday…The whole week I was looking forward to this date and NOW I´m getting ill….ARRGH!!! BUT I´m a still a lucky girl because I already went there last week shoppiiinng:D And I can´t wait to show you what I got there…..:)

Have a lovely Weekend!

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When I checked my mails today I finally got the news I was wating for since weeks! The A/W collection of Lena Hoschek has arrived in the Berlin store. Again the perfect moment for me to run over the pages of the lookbook, like I did probably about a hundret times!

For everyone who wants to see the collection at  Berlin Fashion Week in January, you can click here.

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Can you even imagine how happy I am since I opened my email access yesterday? I just got an invitation to the next Lena Hoschek Show at Berlin Fashion Week, yeay! I can´t wait to see the new collection! The last show was just fabulous and I was looking forward to this season since January!…looking at the invitation design I guess it will be hot and fruity!

Have a nice Weekend, dolls!!

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