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As already mentioned on my Twitter channel, I lately got these beautiful and insanely comfortable shoes by Sonia Rykiel. I probably got 60 or 70% off but there´re still pretty expensive. Although my love for them is growing every day…What should I do??


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In two hours I´m gonna hit the plane to my hometown for 4 days. I wish you a sweet week!

For everyone, who will miss me too much, I´ll still be updating my Twitter- and instagram-channels from time to time 🙂

My name is missevillyn there.

P.S.: I will return with a new hair style…of course:D

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A while ago I decided to start a DIY project although I know that I´m hopelessly untalented when it comes to crafting at any level. But things will never change if you don´t start to change them, so I began with creating a punk, psychobilly styled west. But instead of evil skulls, zombies, „Fuck you“´s and stuff like that, I wanted my west to become pastell-pink, with lovely swallows, cool gals and other pretty motives on it. And of course some leopard-stuff and studs..No way without that!

So here´s what I got till now: I bought a cheap ugly white denim west and dyed it pastell-pink and already started studding. Last week I found some nice patches at the „Crazy Box“ store. I´m not sure where to put them yet.

I know this IS a creepy zombie motive, but she appeared to me like a good back-patch on the one hand and a cool symbol for alternative beauty besides the blonde,skinny, glossy klischée, on the other.

Next steps: Finish studding, stitching patches and finding some nice leopard-material for the collar. Keeping you updated…

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So finally I managed to make some pictures of myself again, after a pretty long time. I apologize once again and  promise to show up with my face more frequently again from now on:)

Anyways, this is it! My hair is copper-red again, dolled up with a large blonde highlight at the right sight, which looks great on vintage hairstyles!

Right now I wear my bangs like this because I´m thinking of letting them grow again… An endless fight between Betty-Bangs and all other cool vintage hairstyles 🙂

Although I always thought black would be my „home“-colour, I´m so much happier with the copper hair! Hope you like it, too….

P.S.: This is my new cardi from „Lucky 13“ I bought one week ago. It has a huge lady-skull on the back with big hair and flowers in it – just how I like it! Unfortunately aaaall pictures I took turned out bad..ARGH!

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Holy Days

After long weeks of hard work I finally could go home yesterday and straight away to one and a half week of holidays. GOD, I feel really drained and totally uninspired right now. I need to „load up“ again. Although I was hanging around in the Internet last week  every evening, I couldn´t manage to do something constructive for this place. Feels like the creative part in my brain/heart/whatever is empty. And there´s someting else actually that keeps me brooding over: I think I have something like a style-crisis:D

I just seem to have enough of long or midi pencil skirts, and this „grown up“, ladylike look… instead a more girlish, dolly and maybe even „dark“ taste keeps fascinating me … Well, at least right now…I´m curious how this keeps going on. At least I have one and a half week with enough time to find out!:D

Well, since last time I felt like one, I wanted to show you „Mechanical Dolls“, the latest work by Tim Walker for Vogue Italia October.

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