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Aaaand, here´s part 2 of Lena Hoscheks fashion show for spring/summer 2013.

I also got the brand new lookbook for the upcoming fall/winter season… and I can´t wait to show it to you!


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source: cherries and anchors

In den 40er Jahren trugen die Damen allerlei Haaraccessoires: Bandanas, Turbane und auch Haarnetze gehörten damals zum Styling-Alltag und verschönerten die Häupter trotz schmaler Budgets und kaum verfügbarer Konsumartikel. Tagsüber zur Arbeit getragen, wussten die Frauen damals ihre Snoods und Tücher mit wenigen Griffen und Kniffen auch in ausgehtauglichen Haarschmuck zu verwandeln.

Gerade im Sommer, gehört Haarschmuck bei mir ja einfach immer dazu. Während ich mit Bandanas, schmalen, breiten, bunten und dezenten Tüchern, Blumen und Schleifen in zahlreichen Farbnuancen mehr als gut versorgt bin, habe ich jedoch nun gemerkt: Mir fehlt ein Snood! Doch genau die sind gar nicht so leicht zu finden!

Die schönsten Snoods, die ich bisher gefunden habe, sind von „Cherries and Anchors“, die die hübschen Netz authentisch nach nähen und das auch noch zu fairen Preisen. Leider sitzen die jedoch in den Staaten, was die Versandkosten unverhältnismäßig zu den Produktkosten gestaltet.

Hat jemand vielleicht einen heißen Tipp für mich?

*Read english version below*

source: cherries and anchors

In the 40s women wore a lot of different hair-accessories: bandanas, turbans and of course snoods were part of the daily styling-routine back then. While in daytime these items have been simply practical and protective, the ladies knew how to turn their scarfs and snoods quickly into elegant and glamurous accessories for the evening, aswell.

Especially in summetime I love hairaccessoires in all styles. Flowers, bows, scarfs, bandanas: All of them are fix parts of my summer outfits and I can tell, I got almost one for every colour in this world… BUT as I realized today I still got one thing missing in my collection of hair-accessories: The snood!

I found a lovely company named „Cherries and Anchors“ that makes authentic 40s snoods, but unfortunatelly they´re based in the States so the shippingcosts are simply too expensive in relation to the actual price of a snood. ARGH! So if you guys can recommend some place where I can found them in Europe I´ll be more then gratefull!

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I´m so excited! This May my mom and I will be leaving our homes and will fly to a nice wellness hotel at Mallorca for a week. There´re two main reasons why I´m totally freaking out about this (in a positive way of course!):

 First: I think the last time I saw the sea was four years ago and as I was born near the sea (Danzig) that´s way too long for my nature!!!

Second: I never spent a holiday with my mom alone and since we don´t live in the same cities for almost three years, I´m really looking forward to it!

And I wouldn´t be me if I wouldn´t start to scan my whole wardrobe and research nice beauty- musthaves for the holidays already! Do you guys have any advices for me?

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After I spent the holidays eating, eating and eating, I´m starting to bother about my outfit for New Years Eve….:D It´s this one. It´s from Hell Bunny and I really like it. But it´s fitting really tight…no stretch, no place for extra Christmas-belly…

Now that I´m somehow still in a strange dreamy Christmas mood, I´m thinking of buying this „Joy“ dress fron Lena Hoschek as an alternative… Like all Lena Hoschek creations it´s very elegant and charming. AND I think it´s a little bit more stretchy at the belly-area:D Of course I can´t afford it, but hey, it´s for New Years Eve (if it comes quick enough) and you get 30% off right now:) And if it comes too late I still can wear it at Fashion Week…

What do you think?

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All pictures found here (lovely tumblr!)

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This year, I didn´t even recognize how all this bell ringing, songs singing trouble slowly tiptoed in my head! I´m totally lost in glamorous fashion, strong reds, black lace, dark velvet and glitter!Such a shame, that I still don´t have any christmas decoration im our flat! The main reason for this: the cats! You know, I don´t have that calm, lazy and sleepy kind of cat. I have Ninja cats! Everything new has to be studied, inspected – and then destroyed (or eaten)! All in all this means: no Christmas tree, candles or even poinsettias at home, only this way all flatmates survive Christmas time savely:)

What about you? Do you enjoy to decorate your home for Christmas time?

what a dress!

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Die letzten zwei Wochen war ich arbeitstechnisch ziemlich ausgelastet. Hinzu kam das letzte Wochenende, an welchem ich innerhalb eines Tages 1200 Kilometer zurücklegen musste…Da leidet natürlich der Blog. Aber jetzt bin ich wieder da! Und freue mich schon aufs Wochenende und ausgedehnte Foto-Sessions für Euch:D

Last time was a hell of two weeks. I had to work a lot, and last Weekend I had to travel to my hometown AND back in ONE day…which are about 1200 km! Of course this place got empty. But now I´m back, looking forward to this Weekend and looong foto-shoots:)

shoes: Lola Romona, sweater: Morgan, skirt: second hand

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