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I was tagged by the lovely „Dahling it´s Vintage„. I was pretty busy the last weeks, but I tried to find some time and now I finally finished! So here´re my answers on her 11 questions:

If you could move into a movie set, what movie would that be?

Mad Men and Breakfast at Tiffany´s !!!:D
Could You show me a photography that You really like?

Oh, I always find tons of fotos I really like and I get inspired by very different styles. I mostly post them here…the latest picture I really liked is this one:

Which  are Your favorite combinations of colors?
This changes so often, depending on the season and on my mood, so it´s really hard for me to decide on one combination. Right now I would say…. Mint Green and Coral! Lovely, light and fresh mix for summer!
Which interior design piece or furniture would  You love to have in your home?

I actually would like to have a balcony or a garden right now, that I could decorate with nice Tiki-style furniture and plants:)
Could You show me your favorite cinematic scene?

I actually don´t have one right now…but I like so many different movies, I couldn´t find my favourite scene right now…BUT I was really impressed by this scene in the newest remake of „Planet of the Apes“, when Oscar first says „NOOO!!!“… I know, I´m a nerd at heart:D
I’d like to hear at least one song or musical piece that puts tears in to your eyes…

The last song I heard, that perfectly transports a certain feeling of hopelessnes and desperation ist the song „The ballad of Frankenstein´s Monster“ by the Koffin Kats. It´s so dramatic, I love it!

Another song I really love for chilling in summer is „Jour en Jour“ by Sophia Loren…lovely, smooth and claming song.

Your current favorite lipstic is?

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 44, „Sari D´Eau“. A light, peachy, shiny orange.
A person You would really like to meet is?

It would be Marilyn Manson:D I was a big fan when I was a teenager and I still think, that he strongly influenced me in developing certain moral and general attitudes of mine. F.e. when it comes to tolerance, creativity and the will to be individual …blablabla:)
When or if You curse ;You say…..?

Haha, I actually curse a lot, and when I do I say „fucking“, „wtf“, „bullshit“ or just the typical German word: „scheiße“!:D
Your favorite sweets are….?

All kind of cakes! I love it when fruit and chocolat get mixed together.
What would You wear on a extremly glamorous red carpet event?

I guess, nothing that I actually have in my wardrobe:D But in general I would chose the classy black dress, because I think that it´s always the best choice when one wants to look elegant. Of course, I like Ditas black dresses a lot: sexy and modern designs with a vintage twist. BUT I would try to wear some ass kickin´colourful heels to it:)


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Hot or Not?

Since I discovered these sweet swallow-sandals by Miss L. Fire, I just can’t take my eyes of them.They are my first spring-shoe-love this year and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to buy them soon. But first I need to know: what do you think of them?

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I totally forgot to show you the masterwork I made for the office on Halloween: My broken-glass-muffins! I was SO proud of them since I´m not blessed with baking talent! I found the idea at Adora BatBrat´s blog (btw: This woman is fabulous isn´t she?!)  when I was looking for some baking inspiration and I thought THESE are the perfect Halloween muffins!

They looked really brutal and scary until the self made caramel started to melt:)

bad foto mad at the office, sorry.

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Yesterday was probably the first day in my whole LIFE I didn´t find anything in my favourite second hand shop. I was in a shock untill, finally, this dress woke me up. I immediately fell in love with its pleated details at the decolte and the waist, which give it a romantic, girlish flair.But in a dark way. Perfect:D

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Frozen Rasberries

Today I tried out an idea from my friend Kerstin: Joghurt with frozen rasberries. I added some honey and …mh…jummy! The cat liked it too…

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Guess what: Ich war heute auf der Show von Lena Hoschek!!! Ich hatte sogar einen personalisierten Platz in der dritten Reihe mit Geschenk! Es war traumhaft schön! Die Blumenmuster, das Tannengrün, die Schluppenblusen…hach, da hat man wieder Lust auf Winter!

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Zumindest was das Make up angeht war ich doch erstaunt zu sehen, dass Dita ausnahmsweise mal kaltes Pink statt sattem Rot trägt-selbstverständlich auf Nägeln und Lippen und perfekt abgestimmt. Auch die gute Dita braucht mal etwas Abwechslung, wie es scheint:)

Ebenalls ein Hingucker(wie sollte es auch anders sein): Die Haare!

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