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Hello birdy


Today i got my first smart phone! I know,I’m pretty late with that.BUT now I have more chances to take care of this place here. I also have a twitter account now. For more little updates,more outfits and more cat-pics!my name is missevillyn


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Cozy Cats

A couple of weeks ago we bought this new coverlet… and the cats love it! I whish they were always so calm 🙂

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This year, I didn´t even recognize how all this bell ringing, songs singing trouble slowly tiptoed in my head! I´m totally lost in glamorous fashion, strong reds, black lace, dark velvet and glitter!Such a shame, that I still don´t have any christmas decoration im our flat! The main reason for this: the cats! You know, I don´t have that calm, lazy and sleepy kind of cat. I have Ninja cats! Everything new has to be studied, inspected – and then destroyed (or eaten)! All in all this means: no Christmas tree, candles or even poinsettias at home, only this way all flatmates survive Christmas time savely:)

What about you? Do you enjoy to decorate your home for Christmas time?

what a dress!

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