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A while ago I decided to start a DIY project although I know that I´m hopelessly untalented when it comes to crafting at any level. But things will never change if you don´t start to change them, so I began with creating a punk, psychobilly styled west. But instead of evil skulls, zombies, „Fuck you“´s and stuff like that, I wanted my west to become pastell-pink, with lovely swallows, cool gals and other pretty motives on it. And of course some leopard-stuff and studs..No way without that!

So here´s what I got till now: I bought a cheap ugly white denim west and dyed it pastell-pink and already started studding. Last week I found some nice patches at the „Crazy Box“ store. I´m not sure where to put them yet.

I know this IS a creepy zombie motive, but she appeared to me like a good back-patch on the one hand and a cool symbol for alternative beauty besides the blonde,skinny, glossy klischée, on the other.

Next steps: Finish studding, stitching patches and finding some nice leopard-material for the collar. Keeping you updated…


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So finally I managed to make some pictures of myself again, after a pretty long time. I apologize once again and  promise to show up with my face more frequently again from now on:)

Anyways, this is it! My hair is copper-red again, dolled up with a large blonde highlight at the right sight, which looks great on vintage hairstyles!

Right now I wear my bangs like this because I´m thinking of letting them grow again… An endless fight between Betty-Bangs and all other cool vintage hairstyles 🙂

Although I always thought black would be my „home“-colour, I´m so much happier with the copper hair! Hope you like it, too….

P.S.: This is my new cardi from „Lucky 13“ I bought one week ago. It has a huge lady-skull on the back with big hair and flowers in it – just how I like it! Unfortunately aaaall pictures I took turned out bad..ARGH!

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After a Weekend WITHOUT a Halloween party(!!!) I decided to at least show up at work in a nice, „dark“ outfit. Of course I couldn´t dress up totally, it´s still work 😛 I just needed a hint of shudder today.. The perfect place for this: The old controll-room at my office!

blouse: H&M, sweater and skirt: COS, tights: Sneaky fox, shoes: Clarks

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Yesterday was probably the first day in my whole LIFE I didn´t find anything in my favourite second hand shop. I was in a shock untill, finally, this dress woke me up. I immediately fell in love with its pleated details at the decolte and the waist, which give it a romantic, girlish flair.But in a dark way. Perfect:D

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Die letzten zwei Wochen war ich arbeitstechnisch ziemlich ausgelastet. Hinzu kam das letzte Wochenende, an welchem ich innerhalb eines Tages 1200 Kilometer zurücklegen musste…Da leidet natürlich der Blog. Aber jetzt bin ich wieder da! Und freue mich schon aufs Wochenende und ausgedehnte Foto-Sessions für Euch:D

Last time was a hell of two weeks. I had to work a lot, and last Weekend I had to travel to my hometown AND back in ONE day…which are about 1200 km! Of course this place got empty. But now I´m back, looking forward to this Weekend and looong foto-shoots:)

shoes: Lola Romona, sweater: Morgan, skirt: second hand

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Sneaky Fox Dots

I love my new tights by Sneaky Fox I found at Zalando!

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The Skirt and the Cats

It all started with me, trying to show you the skirt by Tara Jarmon I ordered…and then the cats came…

What do you think of the skirt..by the way?

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