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As already mentioned on my Twitter channel, I lately got these beautiful and insanely comfortable shoes by Sonia Rykiel. I probably got 60 or 70% off but there´re still pretty expensive. Although my love for them is growing every day…What should I do??


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In two hours I´m gonna hit the plane to my hometown for 4 days. I wish you a sweet week!

For everyone, who will miss me too much, I´ll still be updating my Twitter- and instagram-channels from time to time 🙂

My name is missevillyn there.

P.S.: I will return with a new hair style…of course:D

Aaaand, here´s part 2 of Lena Hoscheks fashion show for spring/summer 2013.

I also got the brand new lookbook for the upcoming fall/winter season… and I can´t wait to show it to you!

Hach, vergangenen Mittwoch war es wieder soweit: Lena Hoschek präsentierte auf der Berlin Fashion Week ihre Kollektion für Frühling/Sommer 2013. Diesmal waren ihre Designs inspiriert vom mexikanischen „Fest der Toten“.

Part 2 kommt morgen!!

Meinen ganzen Kollektionsbericht könnt Ihr hier lesen.

english version:

Last Wednesday, Lena Hoschek presented her spring/summer collection für 2013 at Berlin Fashion Week. This time, her designs were inspired by the Mexican „Festival of the Dead“. I loved it!!!

Part 2 coming up tomorrow:)

Als ich gestern in der Mittagspause den Stand der „Dita von Teese“-LE für Artdeco erblickte, war es um mich geschehen. Obwohl ich mir sogar vorgenommen hatte diesmal vernünftig zu bleiben, ließ ich mich dazu hinreißen das hübsche Puder-Case und einen hellen, Pfirsich farbenen Highlighter mitzunehmen. Die Textur von letzterem ist übrigens unglaublich samtig, das Puder ist außerdem sehr gut pigmentiert. Ich kann´s kaum erwarten es auszuprobieren!

read english version below…



Although I´ve told myself to stay strong and reasonable, I couln´t resist to buy two items of the „Dita von Teese for Artdeco“-Edition, as I saw it yesterday. I bought a powder case and a light peachy highlighter, which feels adorably smooth and nice and is very well pigmented. Can´t wait to try it out!



I was tagged by the lovely „Dahling it´s Vintage„. I was pretty busy the last weeks, but I tried to find some time and now I finally finished! So here´re my answers on her 11 questions:

If you could move into a movie set, what movie would that be?

Mad Men and Breakfast at Tiffany´s !!!:D
Could You show me a photography that You really like?

Oh, I always find tons of fotos I really like and I get inspired by very different styles. I mostly post them here…the latest picture I really liked is this one:

Which  are Your favorite combinations of colors?
This changes so often, depending on the season and on my mood, so it´s really hard for me to decide on one combination. Right now I would say…. Mint Green and Coral! Lovely, light and fresh mix for summer!
Which interior design piece or furniture would  You love to have in your home?

I actually would like to have a balcony or a garden right now, that I could decorate with nice Tiki-style furniture and plants:)
Could You show me your favorite cinematic scene?

I actually don´t have one right now…but I like so many different movies, I couldn´t find my favourite scene right now…BUT I was really impressed by this scene in the newest remake of „Planet of the Apes“, when Oscar first says „NOOO!!!“… I know, I´m a nerd at heart:D
I’d like to hear at least one song or musical piece that puts tears in to your eyes…

The last song I heard, that perfectly transports a certain feeling of hopelessnes and desperation ist the song „The ballad of Frankenstein´s Monster“ by the Koffin Kats. It´s so dramatic, I love it!

Another song I really love for chilling in summer is „Jour en Jour“ by Sophia Loren…lovely, smooth and claming song.

Your current favorite lipstic is?

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine 44, „Sari D´Eau“. A light, peachy, shiny orange.
A person You would really like to meet is?

It would be Marilyn Manson:D I was a big fan when I was a teenager and I still think, that he strongly influenced me in developing certain moral and general attitudes of mine. F.e. when it comes to tolerance, creativity and the will to be individual …blablabla:)
When or if You curse ;You say…..?

Haha, I actually curse a lot, and when I do I say „fucking“, „wtf“, „bullshit“ or just the typical German word: „scheiße“!:D
Your favorite sweets are….?

All kind of cakes! I love it when fruit and chocolat get mixed together.
What would You wear on a extremly glamorous red carpet event?

I guess, nothing that I actually have in my wardrobe:D But in general I would chose the classy black dress, because I think that it´s always the best choice when one wants to look elegant. Of course, I like Ditas black dresses a lot: sexy and modern designs with a vintage twist. BUT I would try to wear some ass kickin´colourful heels to it:)